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1. LED Pumpkin light - There are several options on the market for battery-powered LED lights made specifically for carved pumpkins. Some act as strobe lights & even change colours!

2. Battery-powered tea lights or candle - These flameless candles mimic the flicker & glow of real candle flames without the waxy mess or will withstand the harshest of winds! Some of these candles can even be controlled by remote & set on timers.

3. Flashlight - You may conveniently have a small flashlight lying around the house which you can tuck inside your carving. With fresh batteries, this bright light will last all through the night.

4. Book light - Designed to last for hours, book lights can easily be manipulated to shine the desired direction you want them to go in.

5. Christmas lights - For pets that are seasoned experts at leaving cords & wires alone, you can bust out your holiday lights a few months early. If your pumpkin can be placed near an outlet, bunch up your string lights & stuff them inside your carved creations.


Situated in the heart of East Dulwich The Wingless Bird is an exclusive cat sitting service which tailors to the individual needs of you & your cat. The Wingless Bird is dedicated to providing the highest quality of care, using 10 years of experience working along side charity shelters, like The Celia Hammond Animal Trust, whilst maintaining the most competitive rates to date. Through an exceptional interest in working with timid, feral & cat colonies The Wingless Bird services can & have been particularly beneficial to those who have rescued &/or nervous cats & cats with a troubled history that may be finding it difficult to settle into their new home.

Whether you are on holiday, in hospital or suffering a disability, busy or away for lengthy periods of time, at home & need extra support... The Wingless Bird provides the undivided care & attention that every cat needs.

The Wingless Bird is a registered professional London pet sitter, based in East Dulwich, providing home visits, as a stress-free alternative to catteries. Feline First Aid certified & DBS checked, with a higher education in feline behaviour.





by The Wingless bird

From the Ancient Greek αἴλουρος . aílouros . meaning “cat.”