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The spring & fall equinox, winter & summer solstice & the forming & melting of snow - these are the significant events that impact all life that surrounds us.

It is these continual changes, occurring slowly over time, which control our circadian rhythms. This rhythm typically occurs over a 24 hour period & ensures that our bodies take the time to complete various physiological & behavioural processes. All of these processes are completed in an effort to promote personal health & wellbeing. Once we start looking beyond our daily circadian rhythm the human internal calendar begins to fall apart. We must then rely on various other natural indicators to determine date & time accurately.

Amazingly though, in the natural world, it is these subtle changes that living things rely on as their internal clock. Changes in star location, & day & night length, all combine to provide living things with the cues they need to signal the appropriate time to change various physiological or behavioural processes. If these cues were not cyclic & relatively constant, living things would not be able to determine the appropriate time to start hibernating, migrating, caching food, changing colours, losing leaves, or reproducing; making survival that much harder.

Regardless of whether your little lion has indoor/outdoor access, seasonal changes can have a profound effect on their mental & physical health.

An indoor kitty may not be as active as their outdoor counterparts, but they still go through the same metabolic change.

A lack of daylight hours triggers the metabolic response in all felines.

As the temperatures plummet over the autumn & winter months, your little lion will eat approximately 15% more food during the colder months; this serves as fuel for the energy required to maintain their body temperature.

However, indoor kitties can become very under-stimulated, both mentally & physically & come New Year, we're all setting resolutions for them {& us!} to lose their {& our!} winter chub!

Not only is this likely to result in obesity, but changes in energy levels, appetite & sleep patterns can have a noticeable effect on their temperament.

Sound familiar?

Although our little lions may not be formally diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD {the mood disorder that causes people to experience symptoms of depression during the colder months} I, along with guardians & veterinarians do recognise a similar pattern.

So how can we prevent our little lions from spiralling into the upside down?

A healthy diet & stimulating environment is key & I'll be going into more depth in my next few posts.


Now is the perfect time to reassess your feline's menu to reflect their dietary needs.


Situated in the heart of East Dulwich The Wingless Bird is an exclusive cat sitting service which tailors to the individual needs of you & your cat. The Wingless Bird is dedicated to providing the highest quality of care, using 10 years of experience working along side charity shelters, like The Celia Hammond Animal Trust, whilst maintaining the most competitive rates to date. Through an exceptional interest in working with timid, feral & cat colonies The Wingless Bird services can & have been particularly beneficial to those who have rescued &/or nervous cats & cats with a troubled history that may be finding it difficult to settle into their new home.

Whether you are on holiday, in hospital or suffering a disability, busy or away for lengthy periods of time, at home & need extra support... The Wingless Bird provides the undivided care & attention that every cat needs.

The Wingless Bird is a registered professional London pet sitter, based in East Dulwich, providing home visits, as a stress-free alternative to catteries. Feline First Aid certified & DBS checked, with a higher education in feline behaviour.





by The Wingless bird

From the Ancient Greek αἴλουρος . aílouros . meaning “cat.”







Noon 11-2PM Eve 6PM


Dulwich Village SE21

East Dulwich SE22

THE WINGLESS BIRD is a registered professional London pet sitter, based in East Dulwich, providing home visits, as a stress-free alternative to catteries. Feline First Aid certified & DBS checked, with a higher education in feline behaviour. England, United Kingdom.

TWB East Dulwich Pet Sitter
TWB East Dulwich Pet Sitter



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