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Keeping Your Little Lions Cool Throughout The Summer Months!

Create shade

Creating a shady spot outside is essential for any outdoor explorer. Trees & shrubs are the first places your feline will seek out. If your garden does not have any trees or shrubs, you can compensate by creating a few shady spots of your own.

Try making your very own ‘DIY sun den’ or find one ready made here!

For indoor felines, you will want to note the sundial effect within your home; close curtains & blinds,

& move your feline's bedding to a more suitable location, throughout the day, to shield your feline from the heat.

Provide plenty of water

It might sound simple, but making sure that your feline has plenty of access to clean,

fresh water is one of the most important ways to keep your feline cool & hydrated.

Place plenty of water bowls throughout the house & garden, seperated from their source of food.

Did you know?

Felines are biologically programmed not to drink water which is near their food or toileting area

- this is linked to their hard-wired survival instincts, cautiously avoiding contaminated water.

Likewise, many felines prefer running water, so you might want to consider drinking fountains.

Ice, Ice, Ice

Ice can be a fun & safe way to help keep your feline cool! The possibilities are endless with ice-filled fun. Provide ice cubes for batting around, freeze liquid treats { like our popular Webbox Lick-e-Lix & Catit Creamy }, or try popping an ice cube or two in your feline's bowl or fountain to keep water cooler for longer.

Water Activities

Give in to your feline's urge to jump into an empty bath tub! Allow a running tap of cold water, so your little lion can drink, plod & splash around in puddles to their hearts content.

If this is what fun looks like to your feline, you may want to add a paddling pool!

Cool pads

If you can't get your paws on a cooling mat, provide cold ceramic tiles or a towel soaked in cold water. Lay the towel out in a garden, den, kitchen, table or chair. You can even preserve its coolness by placing ice packs beneath it.

Hot Tip: Grass can provide a really cool, calm & refreshing effect, due to its water content.

Create a grass bed for your indoor feline, by seeding a large { litter or planting } soil-filled tray.


Unsurprisingly, long-haired felines are more likely to overheat in the summer. A good grooming routine is important all year round, but it’s especially helpful in the summer months. A daily brush will help make sure that your feline’s thick undercoat & excess fur is removed, which can help them to feel a little cooler.